Unity Meeting – Second Thursday

Join your fellow humans and share your voice and insights at our unity meetings @ 6 PM Mountain Time on the 2nd Thursday of every month!

(Or every 4th Saturday)

If There Was ONE THING about the System You Would Change, What would it be?


We want to hear from you!

We believe in a world where politics reflects positive social values and supports both the individual and the community. Are you ready to initiate change at the community level?


It is no secret that our current political process is deeply flawed and fails miserably at embodying the principles it claims to represent. We strive to express and address politics through a whole new perspective/framework by encouraging individuals to come together to create and participate in a radically new system. Unity is founded upon time-tested principles and ideas that have fostered harmony and prosperity wherever they surface throughout human history. 


Make your voice heard at our Unity Meetings where you can:

  • Share unifying emotions – joy, passion, love, anger, pain, fear, shame, guilt – and heal from our collective past human trauma
  • Share and teach the topics important to you and your community in a safe space
  • Help craft real policies and community projects that drive change
  • Listen to real people’s experiences and learn from a diverse group of people
  • Become a part of a new grassroots movement


Our founding principles:

  • The Society is more important than any Party
  • We maximize freedom for the individual AND security for the Society to minimize suffering.
  • We are open to hearing and desire our beliefs and ideas to be challenged so they can become even more inclusive.
  • We source ideas from a diverse collective to maximize our impact.


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Aug 12 2021


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Unity of Boulder Church
2855 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80304


Matthew Turner
(630) 452-0556